About us


Once a year in the fall, local runners from Syria as well as from all over the world gather in Damascus to participate in one of the highlights of the city’s sports event. Many runners trained for months to come to Syria to run through the streets of the capital and enjoy the atmosphere of the event.

Damascus Marathon aims to establish a running culture in Syria. It entices Syrians to move in a new, enjoyable way, provides the opportunity for cultural exchange, and helps build relationships between people from around the world based on a mutual love and passion for running. The event enables to show the history of Syrian life, culture, and hospitality and builds understanding across the cradle of civilization. Moreover, the annual marathon adds value to the economy and the tourism sector.

The Marathon provides a platform for cultural exchange and exploration. It attracts runners from Syria as well as from overseas and brings attention to the situation in the country.


Damascus Marathon’s mission is to tell real stories about the country and add some value to tourism sector & economy.


  • To insure that the event is held every year
  • To obtain a minimum of 100+ international and national race participants (both women and men)
  • To tell a real story about Syria’s culture, hospitality and life
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